We’re a long ways from Hawkins, Indiana. Link in bio for Millie Bobby Brown, Jen…

We’re a long ways from Hawkins, Indiana. Link in bio for Millie Bobby Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Emily Blunt and more #TIME100 Gala arrivals. (📷: Getty Images)


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29 Responses

  1. mirovski_ says:

    She looks like 30 years old woman. 😳

  2. jehannaaxe says:

    @sera_ndipity eyeshadow is IN

  3. edhought says:

    @nataliezajac you made this dress famous first @laurzajac

  4. She looks amazing!!! @tanjamarie84

  5. tanjamarie84 says:

    @hannahhh_khalil ok yes, just making sure haha


  7. sera_ndipity says:

    @jehannaaxe I’m incredibly excited about this trend

  8. @steviemicks_ OMGGGGGG

  9. neliuska0101 says:

    Ahhh…. to be 15 and look 23. Smh. If she only wore less make up. She is beautiful without make up.

  10. steviemicks_ says:

    @damnit.hannah a princess! ✨✨

  11. chesatendido says:

    @karamariah seriously get a life lol

  12. karzar2 says:

    She looks older than me and I’m 29

  13. laurah_bee says:

    @kathrynann_x this dress maaaaan 😍

  14. amna.zaree says:

    @ibtisam.ashraf 11 or 33 @🙈🙈

  15. @amna.zaree they ripe fast 😂

  16. amna.zaree says:

    @ibtisam.ashraf they sure do😂😂

  17. anapowermom2 says:

    That’s a gorgeous dress! Millie you are on your way to being a style icon! Keep it up girl!!

  18. melky55 says:

    A lovely person inside and out.

  19. @pingjim why does she always look like she’s 35.

  20. lamiguel says:

    @susanne_crespo nunca la pude ver, me daban pesadillas 😂🤣

  21. She looks beautiful. I love that she dresses appropriate for her age.

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