Wait, was yesterday a dream? Two words: Markle sparkle. For everything that happ…

Wait, was yesterday a dream? Two words: Markle sparkle. For everything that happened inside the #RoyalWedding reception, including their first dance to I Want to Dance With Somebody, visit the link in bio! (📷: Getty Images)


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34 Responses

  1. toshabrad says:

    @annabells_life I can definitely see how all the talk of love would bother some of the lesser folk….

  2. @toshabrad I’m not bothered. He’s clearly besotted by her. But in the end it neither affects your life or mine. His is a broken spirit. And if she is able to rescue him good for them

  3. @toshabrad as for being lesser folk, not sure what you mean.

  4. toshabrad says:

    @annabells_life that’s ultimately what we should all be saying… don’t ya think…. “good for them” the end….

  5. @toshabrad for now. 5 years from now let’s talk.

  6. @rocky_and_cindy_843 yup. Harry will later. His family does already.

  7. toshabrad says:

    @annabells_life do we really have to…I mean can’t we just love and let love…and be decent human beings who don’t hope for the potential misery of others….

  8. Dis that “I’m set for life” look

  9. I really thoight that the song Perfect s the song for them

  10. @mercy_carv There’s a direct quote from her saying she’s a feminist. In name only when $$ comes into play.

  11. chonies413 says:

    hopefully she’ll break free from their scripted censored ways

  12. sonia_wynter says:

    @minimaz1984 should have man should have

  13. guidodeborah says:

    I think the wedding was magical 🌠

  14. کونی جنده لاشی بیا بخورش با جفتتونم جنده خانم

  15. @ayaana_adnan03 😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭

  16. mercy_carv says:

    @_champagne_taste that’s what exactly I said , she wasn’t… people these day need goals and maybe she was just inspired. Idk why we give those people so much importance they are only human… I wish them luck everything comes with a big prize.

  17. Byeeeee. Enough is enough

  18. tengsantos22 says:

    She is beautiful but the dress is a total failure it made her look funny making her upper body disproportion..

  19. lusartoretto says:

    @carolzenha casou Carol?

  20. carolzenha says:

    @lusartoretto aos teus olhos sou uma duquesa agora!!! ❤️! Não vem me visitar no meu reino gaúcho?

  21. lusartoretto says:

    @anebischoff olha isso!

  22. bakongwe says:

    Look at how negative u r really commenting

  23. They look fabulous! ❤💕😍

  24. hpavese33 says:

    @ecd1835 they stole our song!!

  25. Him so serious and her always smiling! I pray that they have a blessed long life together!!

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