Top 5 Celebrity Mustaches

It’s a roundup of the funniest facial hair in Hollywood.

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22 Responses

  1. Ron jeremy's tache makes me feel sick

  2. where the fuck is freddie mercury

  3. Juan says:

    lol celebrity is someone that people actually like

  4. RestlessRon says:

    i'm gonna grow a number 5 mustache

  5. BryanFTW13 says:

    @Alist I wonder what movies he's thinking about?

  6. Alist says:

    @Bryaniswwe Not sure yet, but he told TMZ a few weeks ago that his getting ready for a few auditions.

  7. BryanFTW13 says:

    @Alist What movies is he thinking of doing?

  8. Alist says:

    @Bryaniswwe Majority of his film roles he has played himself. So by shaving his mustache he believes he will get better roles.

  9. BryanFTW13 says:

    @Alist "versatile actor roles"? What do you mean?

  10. Alist says:

    @Bryaniswwe His apparently trying to get more versatile actor roles…

  11. BryanFTW13 says:

    Why would Hulk Hogan even shave it off in the first place?

  12. Ananasbrause says:

    they are all quite the same… -.-

  13. Ej MizUk says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOORAAAT should be no.1

  14. Dance Cool says:

    Guys love Freddie Mercury best.

  15. Dennis Paul says:

    hogan 1 selleck 2 thats all

  16. Frederik says:

    What about Jamie Hyneman

  17. smexybiyatch says:

    No FRANK ZAPPA? He had possibly the best mustache EVER!

  18. NexxtGen says:

    where's Hitler's mustache?!

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