Top 10 Times Michelle & Barack Obama Made Us Believe In Love

Top 10 Times Michelle & Barack Obama Made Us Believe In Love // Subscribe:

If you want relationship goals, look no further. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 times Michelle and Barack Obama made us believe in love. For this list, we’re looking at all those moments that show us how much they love each other and remind us why we love them too.

List Entries and Rank:
10: Essence Magazine Cover
9: A Couple in Chicago
8: Dancing to Thriller
7: When Michelle Made a Valentine’s Day Playlist
6: Talking About Their First Date
5: When Michelle Revealed the Moment She Knew She Was in Love
4: Reading Valentine’s Poetry on “Ellen”
3, 2, 1: ???

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34 Responses

  1. YVONNE WOOD says:

    I have always loved to see presidents and their wives interact but I never felt the emotional connection until I witnessed the Obamas. Theirs is the kind of love that everyone should want to have.
    Then the Trumps came along and I feel nothing at all. At least other presidents acknowledged their wives…but Trump got in the car, slammed the door and left her outside to walk all the way around to the next side of the car without am escort. There seems to be nothing there.

  2. Tube Tuber says:

    The homosexual couple.

  3. I had a husband who didn't ejaculate in me too. He was too busy loving Maurice and couldn't fully perform with a woman.

  4. THIS lifelong Republican wishes like Hell that the Obamas (or the Bidens) were still occupying our federal Executive Offices.
    No, their politics are not mine — but they are people with VALUES and with MORALS who (IMNSHO) put the country before 'party'…..
    And THAT is what this country needs, once again. (And for that matter, what the world needs…)


  6. We love you Michelle Obama!

  7. Love Love Love Love Love Love this video of President Obama and Michelle Obama! You both are truly truly beautiful and amazing!..I miss my President and First Lady

  8. Sawyer Ramos says:

    I could vomit. MIchael and Barak

  9. It's all for appearances

  10. ylass says:

    The real deal. Nothing fake

  11. Deb says:

    Obama and his Man, how touching LOL

  12. They showed us what true beauty, love a real class looks like.

  13. Cindy Adkins says:

    This is a REAL marriage!!!!

  14. They are so beautiful together. True love

  15. Mehhh Duh says:

    Need me an Obama in my life

  16. As if each and every one of those scenes are totally contrived and posed!! What a farce!!

  17. "Always have each other's backs" Now that's awesome!!!💗💙

  18. Oscar worthy performance

    I'M guessing Oprah has coached them both, her being the biggest faker of all

  19. I love them, they were the best POTUS and FLOTUS ever!

  20. Gail Khan says:

    What did he do for his country! Did he keep his promises

  21. God Bless The Obama's.

  22. So much love, dedication, so many movies and pictures of them together…and yet not ONLY ONE register of Michelle pregnant.

  23. NAESAN says:

    awesome video, i really enjoyed this. I make dance music if you have a quick second. I apprecaite any support, thank you!

  24. Cool..Grace..Style..Class.. Miss them so much..😔

  25. This made me cry. We went from the intelligence and class of the Obama's to what we have now, a lying, petulant toddler and a vindictive hooker.

  26. Mo Raz says:

    Aww the way he looked at her everytime when she was speaking❤ I wish a man looks at me the same way he does… People who find true love are really blessed.

  27. Ayra Nunes says:

    Am I the only one who cried watching this video??

  28. Irene Owens says:

    I am so sick of the obomas i wish they would just go away

  29. Joanna W says:

    I miss them and I'm not even American

  30. I love these people. Perfect example of a perfect couple


  32. 1122juicyy says:

    i thank them for being the giants in history in my life…😭

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