Teresa Giudice’s Emotional Final Nights in Prison | Celebrity Sit Down | E! News

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star reveals to E!’s Catt Sadler why she couldn’t sleep a wink during her last days behind bars. Listen in.

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Teresa Giudice’s Emotional Final Nights in Prison | Celebrity Sit Down | E! News


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22 Responses

  1. All Mighty says:

    Holey my Miley Cats had work done. Love Teresa

  2. Sarah Dotson says:

    Her eyes lmao wow don't blare your eyes that way

  3. Emmy Snapper says:

    Is Catt even alive? Wth

  4. Carol Benson says:

    Eyes are frightening!

  5. Amber Smith says:

    This was one of her better interviews. Good to see her in a serious light.

  6. She loves saying "you know"… I love Teresa tho lol

  7. Shannon Hahn says:

    Australia, Germany….HAWAII.

  8. Teresa Worth says:

    Teresa… don't forget… haters can be motivaters

  9. Blah interview. For those wondering why she said tree huggers its actually Tre-huggers. People call her Tre for short so her fans are dubbed Tre-huggers.

  10. Zoo Keeper says:

    Tree huggers??? Dues she know what that means fans of her are more than likely not tree huggers but whatever and as for the eyes she does the opposite of blinking like when normal eyes would blink hers stretch open looks like adderal or some other speed to me

  11. Zoo Keeper says:

    Wait she wanted to get sleep because she knew the cameras would be there when she got out…. What about her kids and wanting to be refreshed and have energy to see them and be with them

  12. she doesn't blink….WHAT THE HELL..

  13. Marii Vzqz says:

    what's with the interviewer's face? she's so OVER this interview! :/

  14. allegedly she had a russian boyfriend in prison called olga. she protected her in return of sexual favours with toothbrush and maxipads. a girl i know from texas get out before teresa and wrote it on the bogs and made a video about it on woldhiphop

  15. stupid got caught she knew

  16. what is wrong with the eyes. It was great….it was great…my fans…..how stupid it can be…so it touched my heart so greatly….what is she is talking about.

  17. Din says:

    It's like real life orange is the new black.

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