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Celine Dion Did WHAT When She Watched Ariana Grande’s Impression Of Her?!

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If you’re wondering whether or not celebrity’s actually watch Ariana’s spot-on impressions, well they DO, and Celine Dion’s reaction was priceless.

There really isn’t anything Ariana Grande can’t do… and besides singing, dancing, acting or whatever else… When it comes to celebrity impersonations, she literally blows our minds. And not only did she impress us, but Celine Dion… One of Ariana’s impersonation victims, also had her mouth on the floor after watching it all go down.

Ariana caught up with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where she was asked if any of the celebs she does impressions of reach out to praise her, annnd Ima let Ari tell you what really goes down.

Ari of course revealed that preparing for celebrity impersonations doesn’t take much work, only a giant admiration for the singer… When asked about Celine, she … Read More

Internet ANGRY Over Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Win For THIS Reason

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Before we jump into the tweets in discussion though – it’s important to point out that Ed was in amazing company in this category. The women he beat included Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Lady Gaga and Pink – so basically all of music’s biggest legends. And here’s the kicker, as I mentioned, Ed wasn’t even at the Grammys to accept the award. But this isn’t new news – his manager tweeted out last month to let the world know Ed wouldn’t be attending. But back to the twitterverse for a moment – Ira Madison III tweeted out: I guess it’s a good thing Kesha didn’t win over Ed Sheeran, since the music industry doesn’t seem to care about examining its abuses of power. Rawan tweeted out this zinger: how dare you snub kesha in favor of a glorified wedding singer. YIKES. Okay I think he’s a … Read More

Lauren Jauregui SLAMS Fans Who Care About Cardi-Nicki Feud Over Politics

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At this point, we can probably all agree that the United States is a very ~-interesting place to be right now, especially in terms of politics. And by “interesting,” we mean absolutely terrifying. That being said, it seems like every single day we hear about another unfair immigration policy, horrible hate crime, or sadly, a deadly mass shooting.

Even with all of the tragic things happening in the U.S. right now, people still seem to care a lot about other, less important things, like Nicki Minaj’s ongoing feud with Cardi B, for example. Well, some politically active celebrities have had it up to here with people paying more attention to celebrity feuds than political issues, and Lauren Jauregui is definitely one of them.

After several days of back-to-back heartbreaking news reports throughout the country, including the deadly shooting at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the … Read More

YouTuber Joe Sugg REVEALS If He’s Dating Dancing Partner Dianne Buswell

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YouTuber Joe Sugg REVEALS If He’s Dating Dancing Partner Dianne Buswell

Youtube star Joe Sugg finally spills the tea on his relationship with his dance partner, Dianne Buswell.
Just last month, The Strictly Come Dancing star Dianna Buswell broke up with her actor boyfriend Anthony Quinlan. Many were quick to notice her undeniable chemistry with her dance partner Joe Sugg. But is it just professional dancer chemistry or more than that? After the source Express.co.uk reported that the two were dating, a rep for Joe quickly tore down the rumors saying, QUOTE “absolutely not true”. Joe also spoke to a tabloid mag and when asked whether he planned to romanticize and woo his dance partner, he replied, “No, I don’t think so. I haven’t got time.”
He did say they will stay friends after the show finishes and hopes people can continue to support them … Read More

Nicki Minaj SUED By THIS Artist For Ripping Off Major Hit Song

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Nicki Minaj is being slapped with another lawsuit, but this time it has to do with one of her unreleased tracks.

Another day, another lawsuit. Just weeks after it was reported that Nicki was being sued by a former stylist of hers, Nicki has been hit with yet ANOTHER lawsuit and this time, it’s a musical fight.

The court documents, which were obtained by The Blast, revealed that singer Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki for copyright infringement — get this — over a song that Nicki ended up scrapping from her ‘Queen’ album.

So, over the summer Nicki had opened up about some issues she faced regarding the release of ‘Queen’ — one of which involved clearing the usage of Tracy’s song ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ on her track, ‘Sorry,’ with Nas. Ultimately Nicki left the song off of ‘Queen’ after she had failed … Read More

Ariana Grande SHUTS DOWN Rumors Pete Davidson is BEGGING For Her Back

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Following their split, Ariana Grande is now shutting down rumors that Pete Davidson is begging for her back.

That’s right, you guys. Ariana and Pete are just trying to heal.

As we all know, breakups can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re a celebrity. Not only do stars have to go through all of the emotions associated with a split, but they also have to see false rumors pop up in the news constantly, which can get exhausting for obvious reasons.

That being said RadarOnline reported yesterday that Ariana Grande quote-unquote “blocked” Pete Davidson after he begged to get her back with him. As soon as Ari saw the report, though, she was quick to shut it down.

In Radar‘s original article, their sources claimed that Ariana told her former fiancé to, QUOTE, “straight up leave her alone” and that he, QUOTE, “tried contacting her … Read More

5 MORE YouTubers Shane Dawson Should Feature in Next Docuseries

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Shane Dawson just wrapped another successful docuseries, and even though he’s taking a break, people are already wondering who he will focus on next. So today we are breaking down the Top 5 choices for Shane’s next docuseries right here on Listed.

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Dylan O’Brien Starring in NEW Romantic Film Inspired by ‘To All The Boys’?!

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Dylan O’Brien is starring in a movie that’s got “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” vibes.

And fans are super excited!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dylan is in final negotiations to star in a new movie called Monster Problems. The project is a post-apocalyptic story about a man who survives a monster apocalypse in order to be with the woman of his dreams.

If you loved the John Hughes references in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’ll definitely be excited to hear that this movie is teased as a cross between Zombieland and a John Hughes movie.

There is currently no word yet on who will be playing Dylan’s love interest.

Though we’re likely a couple years out from seeing Monster Problems on the big screen, Dylan is also playing Fred in The Education of Fredrick Fitzell where he travels through … Read More

Cole Sprouse’s Twitter Gets HACKED & Lili Reinhart Comes to His Defense

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Cole’s Twitter hack was first noticed by fans around 8:45 PM last night, when his account started releasing a series of bizarre messages, including some Not Suitable For Work ones.

The hackers appeared to be a group of Fortnite streamers, as they Tweeted about the game and used Cole’s account to try and get people to follow their Twitch accounts, as well as their Instagram and Twitter accounts. They also made a crude comment about Dylan Sprouse’s girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, and another one about Disney.

The messages were so strange and vulgar that it was instantly obvious to fans that Cole had been hacked, but at one point the hackers actually tried to set up a fake meet and greet in Los Angeles. Fans tried to warn Cole’s followers who may not have been aware of the hack that the meetup was fake, and … Read More

Shawn Mendes Fans DEFEND Him After Being Swarmed at Airport

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Shawn Mendes’ fans aren’t happy after an upsetting new airport video surfaces of him being swarmed by fans.

Shawn Mendes has a great relationship with his fans – but a video has just emerged which shows Shawn clearly anxious and feeling uncomfortable with fans asking him for more pictures while trying to walk to his car.

According to Twitter fan Nicole (@Nicole_mdr_), Shawn previously stopped to greet fans beforehand and was more than happy to take pictures with all of them. However, eventually things became too much for him as more people started to crowd around and take photos. She captioned the video of Shawn and everything unfolding with, QUOTE:

“for people who weren’t there yesterday and are very confused on what happened…. just take a look at shawns facial expressions and his words and overall how stressed and anxious he was getting. @ShawnMendes”
She … Read More