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The Funniest Off-The-Cuff Comebacks EVER [ROUND 2]

The Funniest Off-The-Cuff Comebacks in the History of BURNS: Not many things are as hilarious as coming up with the perfect off the cuff zinger. Usually we only think of the perfect comeback to say hours after the conversation has ended, these classic stings however are immediate, hilarious and witty. From awkward celebrity interviews gone wrong to game shows and everything else in between, these live and impromptu burns will leave you laughing.

Neil deGrasse Tyson (MC Squared), Jeff Ross, Bill Burr, Richard Pryor and Milton Berle, reporters Jim Ryan and Dick Oliver, Bryan Cranston (mic drop), Eric Andre, Idris Elba, Kumail Nanjani, Deepak Chopra (all belief is a cover up for inscurities), Elon Musk funny response, Bill Gates (blue screen), Seth Macfarlane and Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, Jay Leno Discovery Space Shuttle, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Quentin Tarantino, Richard Ayoade, Burt Reynolds Nickelodeon host, … Read More

5 Celeb Kids Saying The Funniest Things

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Kids say the darndest things sometimes, so when you’re famous you want to let the whole world know about the crazy crap that comes out of their mouths! Like Ashton Kutcher, who recently posted this pic on his Instagram for all his fans to share in on this hilarious moment: “When you 22 month old drops and f bomb and it is (not funny) except it’s really funny and you can’t laugh.#baddads #badmoms”

Like Ashton there are a ton of celebs with hilarious kids who need their own show, so we bring you 5 famous artists and the funny things their little ones have said.

1. Pink
2. Tina Fey
3. Ben Affleck
4. Chris Pratt
5. Bill Hader

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