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Top 10 Celebrities Banned from China

Top 10 Celebrities Banned from China
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Considering it’s the most populated country in the world… that’s gotta hurt business. From Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus and JAY-Z, celebs have been forbidden from entering China for a variety of reasons. WatchMojo is counting down the top 10 celebrities who are banned from travelling to China.

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#10: Katy Perry
#9: Martin Scorsese
#8: Justin Bieber
#7: Miley Cyrus
#6: Bob Dylan
#5: JAY-Z
#4: Harrison Ford
#3, #2 & #1???

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Neri Oxman Denies Dating Brad Pitt, Ike Barinholtz Joins Us Live | PeopleTV

MIT Professor, Neri Oxman denies dating Brad Pitt. Ike Barinholtz joins us live to dish on producing, directing and starring in ‘The Oath.’ Jennifer Garner steps out after finalizing her divorce from Ben Affleck. The loved ones of the victims of the tragic limousine accident in N.Y. set up GoFundMe campaigns to benefit the victims’ children. Al Roker gets support from the ‘Today Show’ crew as he makes his Broadway debut.
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Top 10 Celebrities BANNED From Entire Countries

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These may be some of the famous people around the world, but they are banned from travelling to certain countries! Whether they made a certain countries government mad for encouraging people to visit a rival nation (like Madonna did), or they were busted for marijuana possession as Snoop Dogg was (of course), or just offended the country in question due to their political beliefs or remarks they made to the media. Jeeze, even the untouchable Beyoncé is banned from entering the country of Malaysia!

00:33 #10. Justin Bieber
01:15 #9. Madonna
02:06 #8. Beyoncé
02:52 #7. Boy George
03:36 #6. Akon
04:16 #5. Lady Gaga
05:05 #4. Brad Pitt
05:59 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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While most of the awake population today is inherently familiar with the underlying occult symbolism that permeates the entertainment industry, few may realize just how blatant is its outright proclamation of satanic worship. While Hollywood often finds amusement in the casual innuendos of its highly paid puppets, it’s not until the evidence is presented in totality that one can truly begin to see the disturbing pattern begin to emerge. In this particular case, that pattern deals with a mysterious pact that was made to achieve fortune and fame – hinted at in various moments, interviews or song lyrics.
We at Smart is the New Sexy collected a list of 12 most popular celebrities who have adorned the mantle of being amongst the higher order of the secret group we all love to theorize about: the Illuminati.

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12 CRAZIEST Celeb Love Triangles You Forgot About

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Sometimes you fall for someone who has already fallen for someone else and you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. Now imagine all three of you are famous and the tabloids find ANY reason to write about said love triangle making it an even pointier love triangle than it was to begin with! Well we’re here to give you a rundown of all those celeb love triangles you may have forgotten about, right here on Listed!

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Angelina Jolie Praises Jane Goodall at Premiere of ‘Jane’ | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Angelina Jolie praises friend and wildlife activist Jane Goodall at the premiere of her new documentary film, Jane. Jolie even said that her children look up to Jane, not only as someone who has lived an amazing, brave, and adventurous life, but as an example of a person fighting for all she believes in.

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Jolie and Jane… together at last.

Check out these shots of Angelina Jolie and Jane Goodall spending a few minutes together in Los Angeles at the premiere of, Jane, the documentary film chronicling the life of the wildlife activist.

And look, Angelina brought her kids.

Speaking to People, Jolie said she was so happy to be there to support her friend, and the cause that she has given her whole adult life to. She added that when someone with all of Jane’s wealth of experience and knowledge and wisdom tells us that … Read More

Angelina Jolie not interested in dating | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Angelina Jolie has “no interest” in dating following her split from Brad Pitt in 2016, as she remains focused on parenting her brood.

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Well you know what they say, you should always get your priorities right … but we aren’t sure Angelina Jolie has…

The award winning actress has “no interest” in dating following her split from Brad Pitt in 2016,

but this is because she remains focused on parenting her brood… ok we can forgive you for that.

The 42-year-old actress split from her estranged husband Brad Pitt after two years of marriage in 2016,

and although dating rumours have been circling, sources have insisted her only focus right now is her brood.

It isn’t the first time sources have shut down romance rumours surrounding Angelina,

as it was previously claimed the star wouldn’t be ready to hit the dating scene again for “a very … Read More