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Celine Dion Did WHAT When She Watched Ariana Grande’s Impression Of Her?!

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If you’re wondering whether or not celebrity’s actually watch Ariana’s spot-on impressions, well they DO, and Celine Dion’s reaction was priceless.

There really isn’t anything Ariana Grande can’t do… and besides singing, dancing, acting or whatever else… When it comes to celebrity impersonations, she literally blows our minds. And not only did she impress us, but Celine Dion… One of Ariana’s impersonation victims, also had her mouth on the floor after watching it all go down.

Ariana caught up with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where she was asked if any of the celebs she does impressions of reach out to praise her, annnd Ima let Ari tell you what really goes down.

Ari of course revealed that preparing for celebrity impersonations doesn’t take much work, only a giant admiration for the singer… When asked about Celine, she … Read More

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Cute Moments Together 2019 , Celebrity News & Pictures

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Cute Moments Together 2019 , Celebrity News & Pictures

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Ariana Grande splits from Mac Miller | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have reportedly split after almost two years together

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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have reportedly split. The ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ singer and the 26-year-old rapper have decided to go their separate ways but will remain “the closest of friends”, according to TMZ.

Insiders explained the pair decided to split after their work schedules became too busy but they still “love each other dearly” and are determined to stay best friends.

News of the split came just a few weeks after Mac praised Ariana on Twitter when she made her musical return with her new single ‘No Tears Left to Cry’.

Ariana first met Mac when they recorded ‘The Way’ together in 2013, and the 24-year-old pop star admitted last year she had feelings for him for a long time before they got together romantically.

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Ariana Grande Left Catholic Church Because Of Frankie

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Talk about brotherly love! Ariana Grande is opening up about her decision to leave the Catholic Church, and it has a lot to do with her brother Frankie.
As we’re sure you know, AG’s half-brother Frankie is openly gay, and when he came out, it made her question her faith.
In an interview with The Independent, Ariana opened up about the whole situation, and was very candid telling the outlet:
“When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, ‘OK, that’s not cool.’”
However, Ariana IS a spiritual person, so they decided to try their hand with another religion, Kabbalah, and discussed how they came to that decision.
“They were building a Kabbalah center in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it.”
She also mentioned that she believes the … Read More

Ariana Grande SHADES YouTuber Gabi DeMartino After Impression Gone Wrong

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In case you missed it, YouTuber Gabi DeMartino recently uploaded an Ariana Grande parody video online, and to say Ari fans were unimpressed would be, well, a HUGE understatement.

In the video, Gabi is seen dressing like Ari, doing her makeup like Ari, and even laughing like Ari (or trying to), and despite claiming to be a big fan of the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer, the comments on the video were flooded with hate from Arianators.

One person on Twitter wrote, QUOTE, “Gabi is still trying to be Ariana,” with another fan saying, QUOTE, “that gabi girl been trying to be a carbon copy cat of ariana for YEARS now. It’s not cute, it’s creepy.” WOW.

For a minute, it even seemed like Ari agreed. How do we know? Well, she took to Twitter herself to react to the video, saying, QUOTE, “yea … Read More

All The Easter Eggs and References in Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video Explained

Ariana Grande released an epic music video for her break up and self-love anthem “Thank U, Next.” We look at all the hidden meanings, Easter eggs, and movie references that even the biggest Ariana fans might have missed. She references four romantic comedies from the 2000s: “Mean Girls,” “13 Going on 30,” “Legally Blonde,” and “Bring it On.” Plus, the video features cameos from Kris Jenner to Ari’s best friends and former castmates from the Nickelodeon show “Victorious.” But there’s so much more, and we uncover it all.

In the video, Grande embodies a main character from each film, played by Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Kirsten Dunst.

Grande even has her own Burn Book about her exes — Pete Davidson, Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean, and Mac Miller — though she only wrote positive comments.

Famous faces include Jonathan Bennett, Colleen Ballinger, Stefanie Drummond, Troye Sivan, Gabi DeMartino, … Read More