Paula Abdul, Singer And Former Jury Of American Idol

Paula Abdul is a famous American singer. His name is soared after he became a jury idol for several seasons. The show has lifted its name alongside a series of other jurors like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Not only good at singing, he is also known as a dancer reliably and can create a variety of unique choreography to support his musical career. Her dancing abilities have been around since she was in school.

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

These skills do not just come. From little, he was already accustomed to dancing by his parents. He also dreamed to be a professional dancer Debbie Allen class and Fred Astaire. His love for this world continues into the lecture. He was educated at California State University and there he again managed to be selected as a team cheerleading Laker girls basketball team.

Because of his love for dance, he went out of school and continued his dancing career. The first chance Paul Abdul is coming from The Jackson where he was then asked to be a choreographer for their single titled Torture. From here the opportunity comes more and more, Even Paul the opportunity to handle the choreographer of the artist of Janet Jackson.

He also on his finally get the opportunity to release a dance album in 1995. From here he increasingly honed himself, especially in the field of drag votes. 1998 Paul started his singing career. In this year, he released the debut album which was successful in the market. Even this album led to the 33rd Grammy Awards prestigious event.

Feeling warmly welcome, Paul wasted no time to re-release his second album in 1991. The album was titled Spellbound. Apparently, this album reap success, with fantastic sales reached 7 million copies. Despite having a glorious career in the entertainment industry of Hollywood, Paula also turned out to have tripped a legal case.

In 2004 he was once accused of running hit-and-run action that ended in a lawsuit filed. Then on March 24, 2005, he was asked to pay a fine, including compensation for the car that he hit.

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