NCIS season 16 update: Mark Harmon reveals changes to the cast of the show

NCIS season 16 update: Mark Harmon reveals changes to the cast of the show

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32 Responses

  1. Woah is that guy at 1:31 in the truck is from American Pickers?

  2. What muppet uses this silly robot voice.  No way am I subscribing to this sub-optimal drawling drivel.

  3. Jerrica says:

    The replacement for Abby doesn't work…sorry the character just seems stupid. Way too bouncy. I don't like her at all. My first thoughts when she was in the season 15 finale was next years gonna suck.

  4. Duckey is my all time favorite ACTOR. All he has To do is walk on the scene and my full attention Is ingaged. He makes every program he ever participated in.
    Ncis is made perfect by David McCullar!!
    Treat him well.
    Mark Har.on had been my T. V. Crush since , "Summer School". I look for Mark Harmon movies
    Everywhere. He is not replaceable. Love you all. I have 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters. No one calls each other when NCIS is on.
    Guilty callers will be reprimanded.

  5. RamonaAnne says:

    I hope they keep Kasie. She's the best addition in a while.

  6. I love ncis and ncis la but ncis is losing favor atleast with me it started with Michael weatherly leaving but it was still ok but now actress who plays abby is gone what's next ducky jimmy McGee or gibbs how far will they go.

  7. James says:

    Useless robovoice.  Bye…

  8. Rob Simpson says:

    You sound like a FUCKING Annoying Robot! No one there who can fucking read off of a God damned script???

  9. Kelly Benson says:

    Still great show why Mark Harmon that's why

  10. Kelly Benson says:

    Still great show why Mark Harmon that's why

  11. I listened for 10 seconds. Jesus Christ! Put some effort into this and dump that stupid voice. I'm done here

  12. Mike Uchman says:

    I should report the video just for the use of the robotic voice. All you needed was a the microphone on your damn phone to record commentary for this video, but no, not even cheap enough to do that.

  13. Amo Hia says:

    This fooken fake shit robot.

  14. RJ Harper says:

    Misleading title as usual.

  15. Imn Vegas says:

    stupid robo voice will never watch your channel

  16. Bonsoir s'il vous plait mettez la traduction en français , bon nombres de personnes en France ne parle pas l'américain .Je vous en remercie à l'avance . PS j'adore la série NCIS j'aimerai comprendre ce qu'il disent Korrydwen

  17. Ryben Flynn says:

    Stupid Robot Voice. DOWNVOTE!

  18. Sherry Utah says:

    Yes, why the robotic voice? It's annoying.

  19. Alam Udesky says:

    Is anybody still watching the never ending parade of cheaper cast replacements that are clearly interchangale.

  20. Stopped watching the show after Ziva left. I couldn't watch the eps after, it wasn't the same. I tried watching the newer EPs with bishop and the other guy I can't, they don't seem to not have any unique personality or you could connect to them. Only time where I fully watched the newer eps was when Tony left. Sigh. NCIS ain't the same anymore, most of the fam has left already.

  21. kamal nasser says:

    no NCIS   with out   gibbes

  22. get rid of the robot and pay a human to talk

  23. Jarod Strain says:

    The title is flatly wrong. Apart from the future air date, September 25, and Brian posting that shooting has begun, nothing was revealed that wasn't previously public. Also, contrary to several reports and comments, there are four season one cast members remaining, not three.

  24. I doubt this list will stick and atleast change one character, so;

    Vance, please don't die.

  25. Teach your computer proper english.

  26. I hate a computer voice

  27. Absolutely brilliant news ,, its repeat to say. ,, the show is the best most grabbing entertainment ,,
    keep it up guys. ,, only smart group of production makes a show this successful ,,, oh
    And its my absolute fav…

  28. Thank you for the update: the narration could have been done with someone who is "invested" in the subject – must do better!.

  29. Adonyx says:

    NCIS died after Ziva left.

  30. they are so out dated that Diona has been confirmed as Kassie almost two weeks ago!!!

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