Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle thinks she looks “terrified” while on outin…

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle thinks she looks “terrified” while on outings with husband Prince Harry and her new royal family and is pleading to be able to speak and reconcile with his daughter after being “shunned.” Link in bio for the full story. (📷: David Fisher/Shutterstock)


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36 Responses

  1. What a sketch dad @jewllz13

  2. jewllz13 says:

    @natashasachatheva right she’s perfection there’s no way she’s terrified

  3. mysrev says:

    For every action, there is a reaction and consequence. Her father is the reason why she is cut off from him so he needs to just fade away. If she cannot trust him to keep his big mouth shut, then that’s the price he has to pay.

  4. It’s so sad that he’s ruining his daughters happiness for his 15 minutes if fame. The more he talks to the press, the worse he looks. Sad 😔

  5. 3shell2 says:

    Dad just needs to stop talking to everybody. Talk to your daughter and stop telling your business.

  6. carmsy49 says:

    Doesn’t look terrified to me. He should just leave her alone and go away. His had his 15 mins geez

  7. josiepatti8 says:

    Poor Megan!!! I wish dad would get a clue and Zip It!!!

  8. She looks pretty damn happy to me. He needs to stop & be happy for her.

  9. jeminii2013 says:

    The only conversation they should be having is that she is divorcing him and cut off all contacts! Can you do that? What an embarrassment!

  10. Reconcile? Where was this attitude before she was married?

  11. she looks absolutely fine to me, he needs to leave her alone now!!

  12. bonaparte777 says:

    She is adorable- and chic, confident and very charming! No wonder Harry is so smitten!

  13. I think she’s a fabulous actress and the part fits her well. She’s trained to be in the public eye and loves it.

  14. I think she looks blissfully happy! 💕

  15. kattiemae713 says:

    No terrified is how Melania looks when she’s with Trump

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  17. imanitta.imy says:

    واو الرجولة

  18. hen_etta says:

    @gemcraven she’s so beautiful

  19. This is beyond sad. The stories in this man’s mind. Just say you want to talk to her without all the garbage in-between!!! #nowyoulooklikeanass

  20. @amart90 he just needs to be in the spotlight 🙄

  21. silky903 says:

    Meghan has gotten very skinny

  22. Looks pretty terrified to me!?!?!

  23. lina_arik says:

    Americans and their drama 😂

  24. jules_homes says:

    @kingkennie_ maybe if he would have stopped talking to the press she would have wanted to have a relationship with him.

  25. Q casal lindo q se fala né

  26. clemsonmomma says:

    Sorry Dad you had your chance and I think it was your last.

  27. heatherseebs says:

    This guy just wants to cash in so bad, it’s ridiculous.

  28. joalozano26 says:

    @kingkennie_ Same!! 😂💖

  29. aubsta says:

    @kjens44 he is literally the worst.

  30. kjens44 says:

    @aubsta I never realized how stupid people could be just for media attention. 🙄

  31. edigoodman says:

    @dewiyeoh @ctwoah @angelcheneviez her dress! ❤️

  32. They are so happy in Love 😍

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