Life’s Lessons From Always Observing


Humans have the option of, either, trying to bury – their – heads, in the sand, and denying reality, or observing as much as possible, and proceeding forward, with a willingness to think outside – the – box, and optimizing common sense. However, the reality, often, is, common sense, is rare, and people, continue making the same mistakes, predominantly, because of rigidity, fears, or wanting to fit in, and be liked, accepted, and popular. Perhaps, this is most obvious, and relevant, when it comes to politics, personal involvement, and the tendency, to proceed, with apathy. This article will attempt to briefly examine, a few of the potential pitfalls and ramifications, and why, so often, we elect representatives, who prioritize their self – interest, and personal agenda, over the common good.

1. Observe and pay attention to what is done, rather than by what, is merely said, and demand well – considered, viable solutions, rather than empty rhetoric,and promises. Politicians, rarely, transform their promises to meaningful, relevant changes, yet, most voters, continue, to vote for, and elect individuals, who tell them what they want to hear. To a large degree, the Presidential election of 2016, demonstrated this, and was a major factor, in electing Donald Trump, to the highest office, in our land. Whether voters were attracted to his celebrity, or opposed to his political opponent, or agreed with his often – articulated, and repeated, vitriol, blaming and complaining, promises, and / or rhetoric, it resulted in what most consider, the most unorthodox, Presidency, in recent memory.

2. How can so many people, believe, what President Trump, says, when political fact – checkers, have stated he misstates or lies, more than 6 times per day? Why are others held accountable, for fewer, and lower – degree, misbehaviors and accusations, yet he is not? How can evangelicals, continue to ignore his improprieties, when they appeared outraged, when others were accused of far less? What is his secret formula, for being covered with Teflon, and having nothing stick, no matter how often, there seems to be this behavior?

They say, we must be careful, what we wish for, because, if it comes true, the ramifications might be unwanted and somewhat, dire. Common sense should indicate, in our lifetime, we have rarely witnessed as many inconsistencies, lies, and, apparent, unethical behavior, as we see, today.


Source by Richard Brody

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