Justin posted this in 2014: Can you Belieb? (: …

Justin posted this in 2014: Can you Belieb? (📷: @JustinBieber)


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38 Responses

  1. gumbybolts says:

    @mummameldee oh no!

  2. goldenamaraa says:

    You are still a child now that hasn’t changed for sure @justinbieber

  3. @fraser_sibbritt he’s standing on the rock you proposed on!

  4. And here I thought Hailey was gonna have to wait her whole life to go to a pool party

  5. adityamon says:

    @naruto.zk not loving is not = hating 😛

  6. @taylorreginacoleman this is near where u and jaz got engaged?

  7. @heidi_craven86 yeah just a different side I think

  8. @heidi_craven86 yeah just a different side I think

  9. gavynv says:

    @bigbwalt I need this outfit

  10. What in the hell is he wearing?

  11. naruto.zk says:

    @anima9729 i lost my phone cant see anything. Dont worry ill find tmroow @adityamon

  12. anima9729 says:

    @adityamon TRUUUUUUU.

  13. anima9729 says:

    @adityamon Is losing phone that normal?

  14. adityamon says:

    @anima9729 by ‘okay’ i mean, i understood kya karna hai 😅

  15. anima9729 says:

    @adityamon its not you. He is saying dont worry. Will find tomorrow 😅

  16. adityamon says:

    @anima9729 let’s see what happens. I hope he finds it

  17. kmehnaz6 says:

    That’s okay propose the next one there 😎

  18. 21_dori says:

    Selena could definitely b a better choice she has matured enough nd u shld do the same.I don’t hate Hailey but I am against their thing😂😂 I jus need jelena the impossible can b possible even the impossible has,a possible on it so am waiting

  19. cristiii_c says:

    @migggy_c lol he wishes

  20. Central Park is the perfect place

  21. ythomomm says:

    @beckyruckus like literally…. let’s go again, and this time in July…

  22. naruto.zk says:

    @adityamon @anima9729 thanks guys 🙈🙈🙈🙈😋😋😋

  23. sarahsethi says:

    Who is Justice Beaver? @maggiepuriog 😆

  24. adityamon says:

    @naruto.zk for what?

  25. naruto.zk says:

    @adityamon aesehi kyun reason chahiye hamesha 😶

  26. arabob16726 says:

    @selenaaislifee in a restaurant lol

  27. adityamon says:

    @naruto.zk kuch kiya bhi nahi and thanks? 🤔🤔

  28. naruto.zk says:

    @adityamon acha I take it back. Khamoosh se le nahi sakta rei

  29. adityamon says:

    @naruto.zk looool. Udhar wala thanks nahi lete hum 😊

  30. maggiepuriog says:

    @sarahsethi I don’t get it

  31. sarahsethi says:

    @maggiepuriog oh every time I see him I think of Dwight asking Jim that

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