Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Brad Pitt’s Baby

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Brad Pitt’s Baby
Source: gossipcop
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44 Responses

  1. I was in information-warfare. I want a job turning out crap for the weak minded in any country to bite into and I guarantee I can have turn out articles about the rich and useless having their anuses probed by aliens riding segways using small robotic vacuum cleaners and you dummies will be believing it by the time you finish the article!

  2. When still love someone is all that matters you look happy again Pitt

  3. Brad how many kids you want bro don't you watch Tv. Lol wish the best

  4. Foto shows at least 4 mths preggy. She should have given birth by now since this item was entered 5 mths. ago.

  5. Bobbi Fencl says:

    These are old pictures… Brad is a rat!!!

  6. Bobbi Fencl says:

    You people are sick….!

  7. Nah I don't believe this crap,,,,Jennifer is too old and had been married to brad along time ago…..who would want him with all those kids?.,she's not a little girl anymore to be in love with him….this story is useless…..

  8. Ella ya no había tenido mellizas ? En que qyedo eso ?

  9. სიყვარული მაგარი გრძნობაა…ვერავინ ვერ დაამარცხებს!

  10. No entendí…..No hablo inglés . Alguien que me cuente qué pasó con ellos dos??? Por favor….Y lo que ocurrio en qué fecha fue?

  11. I am just so thrilled to see Brad and Jennifer back together. With that said I am not happy to hear of the pain Angelina is feeling. Life does go on,,, and well,,, Jennifer deserves a baby. We are the same age and when I went for an exam to check my chances, she said they are likely 0… with my own eggs. Jennifer is loaded and could buy the best eggs and carry her own baby. I would love to see that happen for them, now or a couple years from now. God Bless…

  12. hani m says:

    You know, say what you want. But I will be the happiest person in the world hearing that Their Story has the Happy And… and it's just beginning:)

  13. Tikitim S says:

    What she waited for Brad just to get pregnant. She dated so many guys, why does she need to wait for him. Fake!!! Brad still loves Angelina!!!

  14. Joyce Lane says:

    have people got nothing better to do now they talk a load of crap about someone else who ever started this shit just stop you sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Debbie Guy says:

    What a f**** joke Liars

  16. I cannot believe if this is true that's not would go back to a cheater !! Once a cheater always a cheater.

  17. Ohh shit 😂 & wasn't she jennifer supposedly pregnant before throughout her past relationships??? Goofy woman

  18. looks like a cushion in

  19. Mary E says:

    THANK YOU for clearing that up! Gossip is for those who have nothing worth doing with their time.

  20. lakewrites says:

    Every month when a female celebrity has her girl-time, the media claims she’s pregnant!

  21. Good for her even at her age

  22. Jonsa Lyn says:

    I wish she'd start suing all these lying rags!!!!!! Pieces of shit insects.

  23. Have to admit: they look good together. Pitt looks a whole lot better with Aniston, than he ever did with Jolie.

  24. Penny Wells says:

    I don't think Jennifer Aniston is that stupid….who would go back to a creep like him

  25. Bob Pierce says:

    We'll be hearing this VERY old rumor 10 years from now in 2028, and it won't be true then either!

  26. What a whole lot of hogwash.lying old hag. Zionest hag, Bradd must haved wanked into a plastic cup in a lab..perhaps their might be a test tube baby come out of there in another few months, The old hag has been getting publicly forever by the Zionest Satanists magazines making big money, out of fake news about this Whore, She has had more Men then hot dinners, Bradd shit is a stand in for her too get more publicly..What a bunch of Cheap fucking Loosers, Bradd The Bastard is Servent too Satanist Zionest Hollwood, He doese what he is told like Transgender his Children Rot in hell.Thats what you get for selling your Soul's….

  27. So, why do you guys keep posting …. Is she pregnant or not???? The public has the right to know… If anything I believe it's you guys that post these stories that keep hoping and wishing.

  28. Only if its an Immaculate Conception…..L. O. L

  29. Linda Hunt says:

    What a load of kaka

  30. Tommy Lee says:

    So many fake news on the internet and this is one of them.

  31. oh yeah! Brad is gone wild nowadays.. spreading His sperm everywhere.. for sure he is a a male prostitute nowadays

  32. Girls Hunter says:

    H O A X! THAT'S JOKE!🖕👎

  33. I am happy to see Jennifer aniston. Just shine with your pregnancy. You are glowing due to your pregnancy. I wish people wouldn't act like they aren't more excited. Walk with your baby. Be proud of your baby. If its a boy take a name from your dad one from the dad. Girl I like Jennifer rose or Penelope Michele. Ideas.

  34. Magazines here in Oz are always showing false stuff on their covers, they need a drawcard to sell more. I only buy Take 5 and That's Life now, their stories are about regular people, not 'celebrities '. And Jen isnt too old to have babies, before contraceptives were readily available, or if you didn't use them for religious reasons (i.e. catholics) there were a lot of so called 'change of life babies', both of my Scottish Catholic grandmothers had one.

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