Hurricane Michael Strengthens Into Category 2 As It Barrels Towards Florida | TIME

Hurricane Michael swiftly intensified into a Category 2 over warm Gulf of Mexico waters.
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Hurricane Michael Strengthens Into Category 2 As It Barrels Towards Florida | TIME


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17 Responses

  1. Not our turn we got it by florence

  2. Hassan !! We're not going anywhere.Faith in Allah brother !!!

  3. We're not worry.Allah will protect us right Ali ? Of course Muhammad,our God is GREAT !!!!

  4. jdjd 918 says:

    Now it's a cat 4 😕

  5. My favorite part is where they can't predict where a hurricane goes from a tuesday to a friday but can predict global warming within 20 years. That is funny.

  6. Clearwater Fl save again 💯

  7. Chris Bird says:

    Hold on to your ass Fred! Quote from Smokey and the Bandit lol

  8. Lisa Jessick says:

    @Thelxlan, It's rain and wind that doesn't let up! People could lose family, their homes,their pets. But hey,no big deal just abit of wind and rain.

  9. Lisa Jessick says:

    @Tony Cole,Are you a little unwell?

  10. We already got irma it's not our turn anymore

  11. TheIxtlan says:

    People panic and worry to much. There to many scare tactic in the news. Everything going to be. It's just rain and wind is not going to be serious. God is in control. There really no need to evacuate.

  12. Todd Ong says:

    Hurricane Florence: YAAAWWWNNNN.. I’m done here..
    People: sighing in relief
    Nature: 🙂
    Hurricane Michael: TIME TO DIE HYOOMANZ!

  13. Bork cream says:

    What is with nature throwing hurricanes at the south?
    Hurricane Florence affects little of Georgia
    nature:OH NO YOU DONT
    hurricane Michael

  14. Tony Cole says:

    I hope it's a category 5

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