How to show him what he’s missing: A tutorial by Halsey. (: …

How to show him what he’s missing: A tutorial by Halsey. (📷: @iamhalsey)


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38 Responses

  1. He missing a bad lace front? 🙊

  2. @gabalinooo same 😩😩😩

  3. rmb_215 says:

    👀 @iamhalsey 😍 👋🏽

  4. artwerxxx says:

    @hayyhayy Because G Eazy took her lines lol

  5. _dali_xo says:

    Show him what he’s missing? She dumped HIM. 😑

  6. ggaaabrielle says:

    @angelicalynscott love her.

  7. jshmr says:

    @laurenautumn__ 😳

  8. @nojusshow16 a new weave for u right @insta_erich613 @amandapezoulas @urfavsugarbaby

  9. i.lzo says:

    He doesn’t care sis

  10. jffranco_12 says:

    Así queres mi cabello? @angye1408

  11. She’s a witch and her soul has been sold with g easys soul also as couple in that club they can’t be together like jay z and Beyoncé

  12. anitamurillo says:

    Igualita a @daniela_achi !! @ariannamalnatie @domenicacajiao

  13. @anitamurillo que heavy! Si se parece!

  14. @baseballmommmm I gathered that much but I’ve never heard of her. What does she do?

  15. It looks like it’s worth missing.

  16. daniela_achi says:

    @anitamurillo jajajajjajajaja q carajoooo

  17. wandaholte says:

    What’s he supposed to be missing what does she thinks she’s a beauty queen

  18. daniellaa_o says:

    @hayhaysciggs you have halseys shorts 🙂 they are the ones from forever!!

  19. @meganjohnson1215 she’s a singer. A really good one too.

  20. @meganjohnson1215 sorry, I tried to send you a link but it’s not working. I’m sure you’ve heard some of her music before.

  21. @baseballmommmm ok I’ll have to look her up I guess

  22. Damn damn damn 😂🔥🔥

  23. @johnstonnnlee 😒😒😒

  24. @jenniferberish omg yaaaaaasss

  25. joellajaine says:

    Follow @joellajaine 💜💋@joellajaine

  26. miichellelie says:


  27. angye1408 says:

    @jffranco_12 asii mismo😍😍😍😍😍

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