He asked and she said yes. Karlie Kloss is engaged to her longtime love Joshua …

He asked and she said yes. 💍 Karlie Kloss is engaged to her longtime love Joshua Kushner! All the romantic details are at the link in bio. (📷: @KarlieKloss)


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36 Responses

  1. lani1954 says:

    Hope he’s not like his brother

  2. @rheakhannaa OMGGGGG can’t believe this!!!! Finallyyyy

  3. Eww he’s jared kushners brother

  4. beckiewackie says:

    @kaylaladenise sudah engaged

  5. bean_chung says:

    👏👏👏Congratulations!! Nice Couple🌹

  6. asmaaa_j says:

    @court_omal24 whatever happened to kaylor #confused

  7. zendallkiner says:

    @james.fist will you get an invite to the wedding I wonder hmmmmm

  8. kauter.8 says:

    @xv.vz.xv ME TOO!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. kauter.8 says:

    @blitzyss49 He is his brother

  10. maanyaaanand says:

    @aditi_nagpal I saw this yesterday they are so cute

  11. @dotbouget The Kushners and the Trumps. That’s who.

  12. dotbouget says:

    @turtleleemarie maybe she’s mature and knows that everyone has different views but can still get along and be decent to one another. 😉

  13. james.fist says:

    @zendallkiner no joke was talking about this last night. Crashing for sure.

  14. filzahain says:

    @ohitsdean nvm luhlz. Hes a fcking trumpies

  15. musafirurban says:

    If Taylor doesn’t congratulate her on Instagtam, I’m gonna flip.

  16. lucadgro says:

    @maellepingard putain t’es là 5e personne à ma tag 😂

  17. @lucadgro hahaha 😂😂

  18. jamel71680 says:

    is like u r not like her☺

  19. fla.zb says:

    @beatriztortora acabou o sonho do maior casal lésbico que você respeita

  20. Well he is not the brother of Ivanka husband?

  21. eboni961493 says:


  22. eboni961493 says:

    🌹What’s up. I think we’ve met?😄

  23. jengreen358 says:

    Hope he’s not a crook like his broth jared is.

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