Divergent Cast Reveals Tattoos

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At the Los Angeles premiere of Divergent, cast members tell Joslyn Davis what in pop culture they would get tattooed!

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38 Responses

  1. That girl behind Shai in the thumbnail looks like she wants to kill us! 😧

  2. Doesn't fear wake up everyone?
    It's called fight or flight which means
    wake up and do something about your situation.

    "…but not you, it doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up"
    See, now that I'm thinking about it, I don't get the line.
    How is she special in this regard? Fear wakes us all up!

    And he said right before that: "fear does something strange to people"
    Strange? In what way strange? Is shutting them down strange?
    I'd say that depression or perhaps other emotions are more "shutters" than fear!
    Sure there are those who sometimes get paralyzed of fear, and shut down.
    But for the most part, fear makes you wake up and do something, not shut down.

    Is that not what they meant?
    Someone please explain this line to me.
    I want to understand it, I really do.

  3. I would love to have Four's tattoo on my back

  4. Jayne Thev says:

    IPA Mia was not in the movie she recorded a song

  5. Greg Finley!!!!!!???????

  6. I'm a clean guy… -Ansel

  7. PaperBagBoy says:

    "I'd get Donatello from the Ninja Turtles." Same Jai, same.

  8. Its Khulood says:

    omg ilove ansel im clean guy i love it every one should be like this lol

  9. wtf hahhaah i'm a clean guy ..so naiive i think :p

  10. I would get Tris tattoo in the same place and the Same size and close as possible to the original one

  11. Why were there people from scandal on here there not on the movie

  12. I would get Theo's tattoo from divergent

  13. Anika Karody says:

    "Nope. No tattoos. I'm a clean guy."
    -Ansel Elgort

  14. I'd either get the words Imagine Dragons, a trident, the Dauntless sign, a Mockingjay, or maybe some cool custom symbol, like MS since it stands for MeteorSmash, which is my username to almost anything. Obviously not YouTube, but everything else? Totally.

  15. Maya xxx says:

    QUEENS PARK RANGERS!!! Any other fans apart from me and Ben 😂 Super Hoops!!!

  16. BookHunter says:

    Ryan and his spanish tattoo!!

  17. Annaa001 says:

    OMG Grey Damon!! He's so hot! 😭😍

  18. Web Slngr says:

    2:03 dude in the back looks like bruce banner a lil bit

  19. msi gtx says:

    Can't wait for insurgent. Just glad I got to see this movie before I die

  20. msi gtx says:

    Nope I'm a clean boy

  21. Tauseefa Ali says:

    No no tattoos. I'm a clean guy. Amstel is just

  22. Liam!!!! From 90210!!!!😻😻😻

  23. em s says:

    omg yes donatello is bae! 😂

  24. Jamie Mctear says:

    Good taste ben in football QUEENS PARK RANGERS

  25. daphne roze says:

    "Nope no tattoos. Im a clean guy!" Oh My Ansel you joker

  26. Anyone else think it was totally cute and awesome that Greg (Jack) Shailene's former secret life co star was there?

  27. Greg Finley from The Secret Life <3 <3

  28. "nope ima clean boy!" i love ansel so much lolololol

  29. theuke&Kate says:

    Greg Finley –> Jack!! From the Secret Life

  30. Ansel "No, no tattoos. I'm a clean guy" LOL this made me laugh so hard

  31. IIIAceZIII says:

    Jai Courtney is Aussie? Wow could not tell.

  32. something x says:

    I could watch this film litteraly EVERY DAY! I love it so much! I just love the story and JUST EVERYTHING!! and the relationship between Tris and Four in the film and in the books omg. I can't wait till the second movie comes out. 😀

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