Celebrity Live TV Interviews Gone Wrong

Celebrity live tv interviews gone wrong.


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45 Responses

  1. The actors from The Skeleton Twins handled that really well

  2. nrgbro says:

    God love you sheen

  3. Trouble with capital T, what does that me?

  4. senglish1983 says:

    So at 15 min in you can see two actresses sexually horas a man trying to interview them and if it was the other way around it he would have been fired… Would love to see how asking a woman to unbutton her shirt would go…

  5. aetius215 says:

    Morgan Freeman just couldn't let that slide.

  6. “Some are saying that you’re bipolar” “I’m bi-Winning”…I wish this wasn’t a big mood.

  7. bappandi007 says:

    How are these people anchors?

  8. FierceONeill says:

    What was wrong with Erykah Badu’s interview?

  9. jhon doe says:

    James Brown 1988 god i miss the 80s!

  10. Ok but James Brown had me 💀💀💀

  11. dooka rooka says:

    Charlie sheen 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Natalya says:


  13. Bill Hader really helped out that awkward Kristen Wiig interview

  14. 13:31 … savage reporter, good work

  15. 3:19 Bee Movie opens tomorrow

  16. Vicky Jost says:

    3:42 this spinster is so upset! lol

  17. Lol sheen is crazy! 😂

  18. lp p says:

    tbh, Selena is overrated.

  19. lov the newscasters…got a lash
     gonna come off…lollll

  20. boo boo says:

    That last one was hilarious!!!!

  21. "We'll let you go take a nap now, get a redbull"

  22. I love how James Brown just continuously quotes himself

  23. Flower Face says:

    Interviewer: and what are you going to say when your fans ask you about it?
    James Brown: I’m gonna say I FEEL GOOD

  24. 4ndyTrout says:

    I was laughing so hard at James Brown.

  25. CC J says:

    What happened with the one at 1:50?

  26. DyeNeo says:

    1:55 that face drop game me the chills…

  27. Seinfeld was clearly joking

  28. kevin fiveg says:

    "This is well deserving spanking, thank you for it" haha

  29. Darrin Paul says:

    If Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann ask me to take my clothes off, damn it, I'm taking my clothes off.

  30. News anchors are such lowlifes

  31. the James brown interview cracked me up

  32. Occlehnorton says:

    My nigga James brown was lit. Homegirl the reporter low-key wanted a piece of him

  33. Clarity says:

    I did not understand anything about that last interview but I did enjoy watching those two interviewers get so tickled

  34. J Keilman says:

    Charlie Sheen is….AWESOME!!!

  35. J Keilman says:

    Is that sophia bush@2:20?

  36. Venuslippe says:

    i love charlie sheen

  37. Kynaaah says:

    Samuel L Jackson is my role model

  38. Tee Jay says:

    James Brown…AWESOME!!!! @11:15

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