Cartoon Trump And Cartoon Putin Make First Joint Public Appearance

In this revealing Late Show interview, the two world leaders make abundantly clear their feelings for each other.

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34 Responses

  1. You love who you love I suppose. I'm not a fan of this relationship though. Again. I am not in charge.

  2. Vee Cee says:

    Oh, I do believe that it is time for Cartoons Trump and Putin to make more appearances with Stephen Colbert!

  3. Dan Mandel says:

    ridiculous but funny

  4. Jackie Barry says:

    I am laughing at the people who actually get their "news" from this "comedian?" In what world does a normal person believe a comedian ? REALLY? LMAO…. WAKE UP … A comedian delivering your news? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It is scary to me that there are some people can't tell the difference between satire and REALTY…. LMAO

  5. Andrea says:

    top 10 anime couples

  6. Lolololololo, he's definitely not even close to a genius

  7. Kev Whit says:

    A year later…we know why.

  8. rudy hickks says:

    Trumps position on Putin is doggy style!

  9. Threat talking to a challenge yes

  10. Zero One says:

    Hey, Colbert, you boss G.Soros, the "nice Nazi", says Hello and ask if you received your last bonus…

  11. If there was an animated series about cartoon Donald Trump and cartoon Vladimir Putin I would totally watch it

  12. Butt hurt trump voters are coming

  13. Drew Greene says:

    God damn, Trump is gunna need a skin graft after that roast session!

  14. Djizzle96 says:

    I wonder how they animated them like this on television.
    And to anybody who wants to be funny or is a real idiot, I know they weren't actually animated live on set. I meant behind the scenes

  15. Rudy Hicks says:

    Would it not be better if Trump went to Russia and stay. He could be with his lover putin, the love affair of the century.

  16. flybydeath says:

    "Oh look Trump is gay for Putin! Isn't that funny! He's gay! Look at the two gay guys french kissing! Isn't it gross? Let's all laugh! I am sure that the real Trump will be angry because being gay is apparently a bad thing! Let's be sure to reinforce that image!" Wow Stephen, how progressive of you. >_>

  17. Sack doll says:

    Omg I laughed … Ya made us laugh ya sicko

  18. Old joke and bulshit over and over. Sick

  19. The number 1 threat to the USA is China


  21. RoseSpark says:

    Old Cartoon Putin and New Cartoon Putin are so different. Still funny to watch

  22. Biggwill NYC says:

    Is putin respected in his own country or feared. ? There is a huge difference.

  23. JM C says:


  24. Oh let’s make fun of trump fs as much as he’s a twat he’s the better option than Hillary what America needs is another great president who doesn’t lie and is just normal

  25. Jube a vich dream with Lubavich lotion.😍😉☺😀😃🙉🙈😎😖😠😱💀

  26. Even more true today then in 2016. Americans elected a 'Quisling' who is selling out their country & all they can do is bitch & whine while sitting with their thumbs up their collective rear ends – time for Americans to grow a backbone!

  27. Allan Jay says:

    Awesome Stephen… always lmao

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