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Hey there, pop culture junkies — I’m Jager Weatherby from Wetpaint Entertainment. Now that the summer is finally starting to heat up, we figured it was the perfect time to remind ourselves of all the Wetpaint stars who have burned up the Internet with some OMG-worthy scandals.

Let’s start things off with our newest favorite American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez — who’s recently been working her famous butt off trying to block the release of a steamy sex tape she made back in 1997 on her honeymoon with her first husband — who lasted less than a year, mind you — Ojani Noa. While the tape isn’t nearly as triple X as, say, One Night In Paris, it reportedly features about 15 minutes of full-frontal J-Lo and, according to Ojani, some hanky-panky spanking. J.Lo has sicKed her legal team on Ojani and his current girlfriend, Cynthia Vazquez. In fact, a judge ordered the fame-seeking couple to turn over the tape, where it will locked in a safety deposit box forever with the only key held by Jennifer’s lawyer. And just to cover her bases, J.Lo’s having experts look over the tape to determine if any copies were made. Sorry to disappoint, but this means you won’t be seeing Jen’s bare badonkadonk anytime soon.

So 2010 wasn’t exactly a picture-perfect year for Bones super-stud, David Boreanaz. Sure, he was starring in one of TV’s hottest shows, but his personal life took a sharp turn into shady-town. In May of that year, Boreanaz fessed up to some pretty rampant womanizing, telling People Magazine: “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.” But the most shocking part, of course, was the revelation that one of David’s mistresses was also one of Tiger Woods’ girls on the go, Rachel Uchitel. We’re still not sure which part was harder for David, though — admitting to the press that he’s kind of a huge lech, or realizing that, in some 6-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon sort of way, he’s essentially had sex with Tiger Woods. Yeah, our money’s on the second one.

On his way-funny, weekly TV roundup, The Soup, Joel McHale often says that Kim Kardashian is famous for two things: having a big ol’ butt and a big ol’ sex tape —and Joel’s kind of got a point. Kim’s first claim to fame wasn’t her hit TV franchise, her DASH clothing boutique, or really even her now-defunct friendship with fellow trust-fund baby, Paris Hilton. It was her super not-safe-for-work sex tape with singer Ray J. Kim initially sued porn distributor Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape, but later dropped the suit with a cool settlement to the tune of $5 million. Before long, reality TV came a-callin’, the endorsement deals followed suit, and the rest is history. Thanks to that one little sex tape, Kim now makes bank… but I’m sure most of us would agree that there are way better ways to get famous.

Kim, of course, isn’t the only Wetpaint celeb who’s dabbled in the home-movie arena. In 2009, Grey’s Anatomy uber-hunk Eric Dane shocked fans when a saucy video featuring him, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and Sex Rehab star Kari Ann Peniche rocked the Interwebz. While the tape doesn’t feature any sexy shenanigans of the Kardashian variety, it does showcase each and every one of Dane’s… shall we say, assets. And if any of you have seen the footage — and no judgement if you have! — then you might have noticed that everyone in the video seems to be having…. a really good time. Just sayin’!

OK guys, that’s all the smutty fun we have time for today. Make sure to log onto for all the latest news, gossip, and exclusives on The Kardashians, Bones, Greys, or any of our other shows. Stay cool, and we’ll see you next time.


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