Ariana Grande CHANGES Matching Pete Davidson Tattoo – BEST Celeb Halloween Costumes 2018 (DHR)

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Ariana covers up another Pete tattoo, and we recap the best celeb Halloween costumes from this year! All this & more on today’s DHR.

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37 Responses

  1. ringoinah says:

    Bye clevver I’ll miss you guys

  2. Mikaela V says:

    your president says shit everyday, ya ll sdtil voted for him. Kim can do whatever……f ur socially aceptable, ya ll threw that out the window when you allowed him to win!

    Not saying its a good word, but its not a big deal compared to the shit your DAMN PRESIDENT SAYS…

  3. Jocelyn cams says:

    my ex tattooed my name on his hand and his new gf he's been with for two years goes crazy that he won't cover it! i kinda feel bad I would to!

  4. Ari: falls

    Clevver news: guys ariana is injured!

  5. zee omar says:

    Angels got kicked out from heaven.

  6. Clay Brice says:

    Drew & Renee, you were great. Thoughts: First, it's good that Lili came to Shannon's aid in her time of need. Second, I'm sure that Ariana is still going through the emotions right now. Third, I'm wishing Demi well on her continued recovery as she continues in rehab. Fourth, there were quite a lot of interesting celebrity Halloween costumes this year. Fifth, Kim really caused quite a controversy with what she posted. To recap, Ariana can do what she wants with her ink worked it's hard to choose a favorite celebrity costume. Thanks for a great episode.

  7. Jana Hall says:

    What’s the r word??

  8. James Quinn says:

    So is kim fucking that guy dressed like Tommy Lee? I mean they were an infamous sex couple… That would be today's equivalent of dressing like Trump and Stormy Daniels. Who cares if she says RETARDED? it's just a word. The thing that annoys me was how she was being a bitch about nobody recognizing her. That means it was a good costume. Asshole wants it both ways.

  9. Zeazonal says:

    Didn't Ethel have a thing for Jughead in the Comics, isn't that just accurate writing?

  10. what is the r word that is forbidden? is it a racist term? I'm not American i'm not used to all this carnage

  11. What about Harry styles

  12. La Morena says:

    Every one uses that word at my school so I'm not making a big deal about it

  13. L.j Richards says:

    Honest question….don't hate me but why can't you say retarded?

  14. I feel like Pete gets a bad rap. He is a comedian and what people call offensive now, is way different than it used to be. People now could never handle comedic greats like George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor etc. As far as their relationship, no one knows. We can all assume what we think happened or who we think is to blame. It can't be easy moving into a relationship so fast after being with Mac and then he passes unexpectedly. I am sure the pressure was hard for both of them. I am sure when she ended the engagement he was hurt. They both express themselves through their work, his is comedy and hers is music. You can't hold him to one standard for making jokes about their break up and then say its okay for her to release a new song about her exes including Pete 30 min before SNL goes live. It goes both ways. Sorry this topic erks me because I hate how one sided people can be.

  15. I just want to let Drew know, incase you haven't seen the comments on the video you guys did about South African foods, your friend does not represent South Africa or it's history accurately. I would go as far as to say she is uneducated and should rather abstain from making videos about our country.

    This comment is being made with minimal salt, I promise.

  16. I hate seeing this Pete and Ariana news I just want them to get back together 😭😭😭

  17. Blue Bird says:

    I think her tattoo is supposed to be lavender because its her favorite color and I think her grandmothers too

  18. Jay says:

    The fuck!!! It’s called freedom of speech people you can say whatever you want. Go to North Korea if you want your freedom of speech taken away!!!


  20. BALENCIAGA ! says:

    Ariana Grande is a fucking bitch, stop talking about her she’s irrelevant

  21. Jolly Das says:

    What is the R word that Kim say??

  22. Jenna says:

    nobody gives a fuck about a word that kim said let her live her life oml

  23. I don’t like that Renee girl. She tries to take the spotlight, idk if it’s just me ig.

  24. “Oh no Kim Kardashian said retarded. We’re all gonna die!!!”

  25. Quincy Dugar says:

    omg no spoiler alert or anything just "if you seen the latest episode of river dale " god i hate when people do that

  26. Ajer Roberts says:

    I would keep the dangerous woman tattoo out of pure irony

  27. Zoe Faith says:

    Ari's tattoo over reborn looks like a lavender to me , what do you think?

  28. Boi where was Harry’s costume?????

  29. man, i didn't know she adopted his dog. that's some dark shit.

  30. What's so bad ab saying retarded like what

  31. Harry Styles dressed as Elton John in his sparkly Dodgers suit.HE LOOKED AMAZING

  32. bridget says:

    you don't call retarded people retards that's bad taste…you call your friends retards when they're acting retarded

  33. Did you CENSOR the word "RETARDED" ?
    This gives the word a new mean-ing…

  34. Mary Alex says:

    I wouldn’t be able to attend a concert for someone I moved on from in a flash either. I’d feel real shitty sitting beside my exes friends after being engaged after our breakup, just saying. And has anyone stopped to think that maybe Mac had a lady friend in his life who is being overshadowed by all this Arianna stuff? Like you can’t see a post about him without having to hear what Ariannas reaction was. RIP Mr. Fisherman, you are so missed

  35. Rebel Love says:

    Drew is FINE. My God. I feel like she would be the most loveable girlfriend or friend, ever.

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