Hurricane Katrina Celebrity Efforts

Hurricane Katrina, Americans, especially those in the East Coast region, will never forget the Hurricane Katrina disaster that struck them on August 29, 2005. The storm was recorded as the worst natural disaster ever hit Uncle Sam’s country throughout history.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina History

Originally formed on August 24, 2005, Katrina has a minimum central pressure of 918 MB, making it the third highest-pressure system in US history.

The resulting damage-up to now counts to the US $ 200 billion is thought to make it the most expensive Atlantic storm in US history.

This hurricane caused electrical deaths affecting about 1 million people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

And major flooding in the New Orleans area. Until September 3, estimated 1289 people died; 1029 people directly and 260 others indirectly. This number believed increasing.

The storm then swept through the US East Coast region, also known as the Gulf Coast of the United States.

The mayor of New Orleans at that time, Ray Nagin, asked his citizens to immediately save themselves.

Unfortunately, approximately 150 thousand people ignore the order. They chose to stay.

Hurricane Katrina Accident

Wind speeds expand to 235 km / h or start entering Category 5 in SSHWS. The wind destroys public facilities such as power lines and destroys homes.

Wind is also accompanied by high rainfall to cause Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River to overflow.

As a result, New Orleans is located 1.8 meters below sea level, submerged in flood.

Approximately 80 percent of the city flooded to the second floor of the house level and other small buildings.

Katrina continued to sweep the US until September 1, 2005. The death toll from Hurricane Katrina reached more than 1,300. Losses suffered reached USD150 billion (equivalent to Rp1.990 trillion) due to damage to public facilities and private property.

Approximately one million people have lost their homes due to Hurricane Katrina swept as well as 400 thousand people lost their jobs.

International funding is coming to the US, including from poor countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Donations from fellow US citizens themselves managed to reach USD600 million (equivalent to Rp7, 9 trillion).

The bands Green Day and U2 then re-sing the band’s song Skids titled “The Saints Are Coming”.

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