Weight Problems Today

Among world big problems, health has the its percentage in overall unhappiness in peoples lives.

Health problem are directly proportionate with happiness in our inner life’s. We are social beings ,mammals and as such its a big deal how we view ourselves and how everyone else see us. Unhealthy means bad in animal kingdom. If we were in 10000 b.c. community obese person would ether be worshiped, or banished.
But being sickly meant mostly banished ,meaning survival is not guaranteed, especially with saber tigers and big predators around.

So our brain is wired to think “I gotta be fit, healthy” and there is catch. WE ARE NOT HELPING OURSELVES THAT WAY. our confidence goes down as soon as we look in the mirror

Fastest way to gain weight and reach obesity is sugar. After that goes white flour. Both of these substances ruin our will power and brain power. Good book to read about that is Ultra Mind solution.

So to continue spiraling down, less will power we have, the more we eat junk food full of sugars. Our ancient brain is programmed to look for sugars in nature. So we are wired for doom living in this age.

To turn all that around individuals need great help, support ,access to natural organic food. But the biggest help you can get is to help yourself. And here are main 4 reasons skäl för att inte förlora någon vikt right now in Sweden.

This modern age didn’t brought all the bad things into society. Supplements are one of those hacks and cheats of nature. Basically supplement is essential vitamin or mineral ,or organic component made from plants and extracted that you get usually tenfold of its content. One of the popular supplements is multivitamin.

Thing that’s lately getting traction in Sweden and Scandinavia is “gå ner i vikt snabbt piller” as would swedes say.

Its natural supplement made form Garcinia Cambogia ,plant that grows in Indonesia and some parts of Africa. Its suppress the hunger and gives burn carbohydrates in the body. If you decide to lose weight training something, this is really great boost.

Swedes are pretty smart nation when it comes to losing weight. They have also this term for losing weight. They would say : gå ner i vikt med piller, innan du förlorar själv!

Hope that helps you guys.